Gold Beach, OR September 20-21-22, 2013

Again we came from the north, the south and the east, gathering for a weekend on the beautiful Oregon coast. We came from near (Gold Beach) and far (Kapfenberg, Austria) because of our love for photography and Weather Underground. Coming back for the second year were Lori (SVLover), Kristina (kristinarinell), Duane (RenoSoHill), Rich (quickeye), Randall (Bluesmaster), Debra (trigirl), Dave (thelung), Brian (HarveyCreek), Heidrun (trailhiker44), Lisa (Feather3), Laurel (algoressister), Bob (saltydawgg), Tresa (RadioDJgirl) and Marianne (angel49). New comers this year were Linda (BriarCraft), Steve (SteveBaker54), Gary (Railheel), Ivan (Kippic), Kat (ColoradoKat) and Michelle (sensitivethug). Here are the photos taken during the weekend.

Until next year...Enjoy!

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The Photos
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